Reality Thumper Episode 12: How Dare You Reject My Claim

Reality Thumper Church of the flying spaghetti monster

Thank “The gods” Forrest and Jerry completed a new episode of Reality Thumper! This week Forrest and Jerry address comments made on Facebook. Forrest can’t understand how somebody can still support an organization – like the Catholic Church- that until this day still “allegedly“, willfully and maliciously attempts to hide child rapists within their ranks. Why all the lawyers guys? Why all the payouts? Why are these records still missing? YET! Money STILL pours into  the “mob like” organization. NO THANKS! Keep us far from them, and their gods! If this is the type of “morality” they condone.. we’ll have nothing to do with it! Keep me and especially OUR KIDS away from them!

Reality-Thumper-Hobby Lobby and it’s hypocrisy

Christian logic and hypocrisy
It’s about saving innocent babies when it costs a company to operate in the United States, it’s about saving money when it’s in another country. Christian logic and hypocrisy!

The arts and crafts retailer Hobby Lobby proudly touts itself as a Christian company that puts people over profits. However, some staunch Christians say there’s a gaping hole in that claim — namely, China.

Products bearing “Made in China” labels are found all over the shelves at Hobby Lobby, evidence that some of its wares come from Chinese factories that have a reputation for labor rights violations and rock-bottom wages. Employees at these facilities often end up working grueling hours in prison-like conditions and never earn enough to escape poverty.

“You cannot call your business ‘Christian’ when arguing before the Supreme Court, and then set aside Christian values when you’re placing a bulk order for cheap wind chimes,” wrote Christian author and columnist Jonathan Merritt in a recent article for The Week.

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Reality Thumper Episode 8: Slip The Kids Some Allah

Awkward Moments Childrens Bible

Jerry’s son corners his first burrito in “the wild”. Next, Jerry addresses why it’s important for theists to understand basic principals of logic, reason, and human sexuality. Forrest gets trapped at work, and is placed into the awkward position of reading books to children in the public schools about “God and all of his creations” In conclusion Forrest encourages people to not accept something just because your were told to.

Mind Rape The Children!

Reality_thumper_HitchForrest and Jerry discuss why they feel it is important to let your child’s mind develop, before you impose an “Iron Age” belief system on them. The contradiction most theists have asking you read the Bible and keep an “open mind” all the while they close off the rest of the world’s belief from consideration and more..

"No Faith Required"


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