Top 100 Theist arguments

Top 100 Theist arguments 

A running list of arguments purposed by theists and answered responded by atheists.

1. “I have faith”
Atheist’s  response:  The definition of faith:  “To believe in something without evidence” So I can conclude that you have no evidence or proof; and that is no reason to believe in claims. Faith is required when facts are not..hence our slogan “No faith required” 😉

2. “Because the Bible says so”
Atheist’s  response: The argument is made using “circular reasoning” and is not in any way valid.

3. “Evolution is just a theory”

Atheist’s  response: A scientific theory is extremely different than the word “theory” as we use it in the everyday life. Evolution has withstood every argument known in the world’s scientific community, and can be disproved with just one shred of evidence on the contrary.  Until this day there has not been any presented. The theory of Evolution stands up to any challenge purposed, and it becomes stronger as mounting evidence continues to build in it’s support DAILY!

4. “What if your wrong?” (IE Pascal’s Wager)
or (Begging the Question
Atheist’s  response: What if you are wrong? What if you have the wrong god? Have you studied ALL religions? After all, yours is one of the world’s newest, latest and greatest gods. You don’t want to waste your time, effort, money, and life preparing for something better than this world. Why impose childhood indoctrination on your children, tell people they are evil, and threaten unbelievers with something even YOU can’t prove!


5. “Where did we come from?”
Atheist response: Nobody knows, and until then we need to keep our crazy ideas to ourselves until we can prove and disprove them. Relying on ancient text from desert, cave dwellers is not the answer. Do not tell your family this until you can provide real evidence to support the claims. Writing down your own evidence is not evidence. “Here-say” is not evidence. Learn the difference between the scientific method, empirical  evidence, and the physical laws of nature.

6. “How did life begin?”
Atheist response: Scientists have ideas on abiogenesis, but is just an idea. Until you can provide a workable theory that can be substantiated then it really doesn’t mean anything. I think that the giant “Shell of Pooka” created all life..but I still need to prove it (Maybe I should write a book and get some “eye witness” testimony to prove my point?) Sound familiar? Why wouldn’t you believe that?

7. “You cannot prove there is no God”
Atheist response: Atheist do not claim gods do not exist. Atheist deny claims of gods. So therefore the person make the claim of  “god” needs to provide evidence for there claims. Atheists are willing to accept the belief or idea of a god with evidence. ANY EVIDENCE!

8. “Science does not know how the universe was created”
Atheist comments: This this is called the “argument from ignorance” Is a fallacy in informal logic. In debates, appeals to ignorance are sometimes used to shift the burden of proof.

9. “The universe is “fine tuned”

10. When you see a watch on the beach you assume it has a designer

As theist bring up these arguments I will reward each argument with a point.

Work in progress..




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