Reality Thumper Episode 2: My Banana Has A Butthole!

Forrest and Jerry mix things up by conducting an interview in front of a noisy Starbucks with Matt Ambriz. Matt discusses his degree in Religious Studies along with his personal beliefs; while vomiting coffee grounds, and being attacked by angry sparrows!


3 thoughts on “Reality Thumper Episode 2: My Banana Has A Butthole!”

  1. Great addition to the show with Matt’s background. It’s nice to listen to a show where different opinions can be discussed without it turning into a shouting match. The prayer discussion was my favorite part of this pod cast.

  2. Hey thanks! We are just trying to figure things out here, and having a good time in doing so. Thanks for the constructive comments!

    Working on our next podcast tomorrow

  3. Matt responds very well to some great questions. I didnt think an hour long episode would hold my attention, but it did. Entertaining to say the least. F**k Hanes! LMFAO.

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