3 thoughts on “Reality Thumper.com”

  1. Really enjoyed it. Good content with a comedic delivery. You two have strong contrasting styles but similar views. Your personalities make the show entertaining. One small suggestion, if you cut a small amount of profanity the content may be better received and less threatening. I would hate to see people not give this a chance and turn the pod cast off because they can’t take the language. The message and substance of the show is one that needs to be shared with everyone. I wish you two all the success in the observable universe. Can’t wait for the next show.

    1. I agree and thank you for coming by Jesus! It’s hard to make sense of religion, so I would imagine that every show would sound the same.

      I guess we are just in an imperfect world, filled crazy stories, mass delusion, and a planet that was built to be destroyed by our own sun. I kinda wish you would have created me first, so that way you could have bounced some ideas off on me.
      I’m not sure if creating yourself, to kill yourself, only to come back again really made much sense either.


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